Friday, June 8, 2012

GlitterDaze: Tirgress

Morning guys!  Another indie polish today!

I went on a brown glitter kick for a while, and this was one of my purchases.  I love GlitterDaze's packed-with-glitter polishes.  They make my day!  This polish sits in a sheer black/dark brown base.  The glitter pieces in this are holographic, gold, red, and orange.  The orange ones are bar glitters!!  Though, for some reason, these bars seems to be kinda long.  I found myself pushing some of them down on my nail because they would poke out the tip.  I used two coats for this, and I still have some bald spots.  So I recommend layering it or putting a third coat on. This will also need a good layer of top coat.  It's all glitter. 

The really nice thing about this polish is that $1 of it's proceeds go to  Since tigers are becoming increasingly absent from the wild, this fund helps them.  I love that even a small indie brand put some charity towards an organization they believe in.  I also didn't want the full bottle, which is only listed on the Etsy site, so I contacted her for a mini.  She invoiced me quickly, and my beauty came in the mail soon after!  If you like this one, definitely pick it up and do some good while your at it! I believe I read on her blog lately that she'll be coming out with more great charity polishes too!  So check that out here.


You can find GlitterDaze at her Etsy shop.

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