Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Nail: WAH Nails Take 2 + Models Own Review

So, if you all remember the Rainbow Nails from our 31 Day Challenge, I did a design from WAH Nails.  Back then, I didn't have nearly as many tools and things that I do now.  I also didn't have my Models Own nail art pen.  Jaclyn and I had put in a Models Own order a while ago, and I had picked up the pens in black and white.  The white one was fine, it worked great.  However, the black one, was a mess!  It would ooze uncontrollably, and I couldn't make a design with it to save my life.  I was, understandably, depressed.  I had put aside extra money to get them because the reviews were so good.  So, I contacted Models Own to see if my product was defective.  (It obviously was, because my white one worked just fine.)  The company then sent me a replacement, free of charge.  The pens are so nice because they have the thin metal tip to them that allows for more fine designs.  The top also screws off and reveals a nail art brush.  So, whatever your style, they work!  Models Own also released all the new colors, too.   Since my new pen came in the mail finally, I was dying to try it out.

To the design:  I used Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Wasabi for the base, and then I did a gradient on the tips with OPI Ogre The Top Blue.  This gradient combo actually did half the work for me.  When I added the blue, it went on sheer and kinda mixed with the green.  So I really only needed to concentrate on the opaque blue tips.  I also love the colors together!  I then went in and added all the crazy designs with my new pen.  I dont know why I got so hooked on this design, it must just catch my eye!

How's this design the second time around?  I personally think it looks ten times better!


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