Monday, May 21, 2012

Random Nail: Splatter time!

 Morning!  Today I have some nail art that I had been anxious to try out for a while.

Splatter nails are some of the easiest nail art to do.  They look cool after too because each nail is different.  For my splatter nails, I used a base of Essie Blanc with my splatter colors being Essie Licorice, Essie Chastity, Essie Play Date and Orly Frisky.  I've heard recently that some people water their polish down before doing this, but I didn't.  I took my coffee stirrer straw and cut it in four pieces for each of the four colors.  This was good and bad.  I didn't waste four whole straws by doing it, however the straws were a bit short.  I got paint all over my fingers just because I dunked the short straws in the bottles of polish.  I liked doing this, but a warning:  it is a messy design.  Sometimes, I would miss my nail altogether ha!  I would sometimes get the blobs too.  The one time I got a blob so bad that I just wiped it off with my finger.  That's a plus about these nails, if you mess up, that's ok because this is a design that's not meant to be perfect.  It's suppose to be messy!  I especially liked my ring finger and how it came out.  My middle finger got a blob on it, but I left it.  The clean up on this was tedious.  It took me longer to clean up than to actually do it.  I would actually clean up a bit after each color was done.  So, a long time!  Side note, my boyfriend came up with the color combo.  Good taste, babe!  I love the colors in this.  I would love to do it again with many more combos.  I would also tape off my skin before hand too!


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