Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainbow Honey: Snake Eyes

As far as the indie polish movement goes, me and Jackie have found about 4 or 5 shops we really like.  Rainbow Honey is one of those shops!  For one of the new collections, about four new polishes came out.  Snake Eyes was one of them that I had to have.  (I got two others and so did Jackie, she'll be showing you the other ones.)

Snake Eyes sits in a heavily pigmented green base.  It has a shimmer to it that I'm really liking.  The glitter pieces are small and range in color.  There are smaller ones that are light green with some larger (but still smallish) darker green, silver and purple glitters.  The purple glitters are my favorite.  They are more sparse but add something to this green polish that makes it stand out.  I layered this over Essie Navigate Her.  It was a nice paring, however, I kind of want to try this polish on its own on the nail.  I think it'll have a totally different look to it that way.  In my photos the polish looks a little bumpy.  Now, with Snake Eyes the formula was thick, and the seller warns of this.  I didn't add any thinner to this one, but I did on one of the other colors from this collection.  It helped with that one, so next time, I'll add some to this.  It smoothed out nicely once I put a coat of Seche Vite on top.  I used just one coat of Snake Eyes over Navigate Her.

Rainbow Honey's shop is currently closed, but she should be opening back up soon! You all can find the shop here.

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