Friday, May 11, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Galax-E

Today, I've got Pretty and Polished Galax-E to show all of you.  This one is so cool, I cant even tell you.  It sits in a black base that builds to opaque after two coats.  The glitters in this are holographic and silver.  They all shine differently at different angles.  The effect is really pretty.  I can see why this polish is named Galax-E.  It fits perfectly.  It mirrors the night sky.  I would honestly use this one to do some galaxy nails, just because it fits so well with it's name.  Like I said, this was opaque with two coats.  Just make sure the first coat is completely dry or you'll get some dragging.  Nothing unfixable though!  There's only small glitter pieces in this one which I'm loving.  I don't always crave crazy glitter polishes.  This polish fits if you want something that's pretty and eye catching but not over the top.

As always, Pretty and Polished can be found here. 

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