Monday, May 14, 2012

Out of the Box: A England Order of the Garter

This polish is one of my favorites.  A England makes such good quality of polishes that it's out of control!  Now, I have used this one, just not in a while.  So I'm pulling it out of the box for you all to see!  And boy do you all need to see this beauty.  Order of the Garter was part of the Legends collection.  This was the only non-holograpic polish of the bunch.  Nonetheless, it's still pretty!  Order of the Garter has glass flecks in it, reflecting the blue hue really nicely.  I have four A Englands, and they are so pigmented that I usually only need one coat.  Order of the Garter is the only one that needs two.  Forgive me, again, I did not use a top coat.  This was done on my swatching day, and I passed on the top coat a few times.  With top coat, this polish really shines.  Also on a side note, my camera is making this look a little on the purple side.  This is not the case.  This polish is BLUE all the way.

A England can be bought here,  They are available other places, but the home website offers free international shipping!  Can't beat that!


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