Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Out of the Box: Barielle Falling Star

Barielle is actually a new polish of mine.  I've been wanting to branch out and try new brands.  Barielle was one of the top ones on my list.  It's hard to try new brands when the core colors are so similar to other brand's.  When I started to look through their colors, I knew Falling Star was the one I was going to try first.  Falling Star is a royal blue polish.  The glitters that are in this polish first look copper but they really lean more toward orange.  The formula on this was good.  That actually surprised me, I thought it would be on the thicker side because of the glitters.  It did get a little thick when I went to do the second coat.  However, I left the lid open on the bottle so that could be the reason.  I wanted to add some nail art to these.  I started looking at my copper/bronze polishes but none of 'em seem to fit.  I finally settled on China Glaze Riveting.  It was a perfect match.  I used my nail art brushes for the stars.  My right hand actually turned out better than my left, which is weird?  Prolly because I went way slow.  To do the stars, I just put a dot of polish on the nail and dragged out the points.  It was pretty easy.  Falling Star also smoothed out really nice with a top coat.  Top coat is definitely needed on this one, it gets grainy.

Is Barielle a liked brand out there?  Or not so much?

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