Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Polish Find: Sheswai Lacquer

Good morning!

So, at the end of April, I actually took a little vacation.  My boyfriend and I took off with another couple we're friends with and headed to Las Vegas.  OH. MY. Goodness!  It was the first time I was ever there.  I felt like such a tourist, just gawking at everything.  We seriously had an amazing time though.

As none of us are much into gambling, we did plenty of shopping, which there was plenty to choose from!  So many good stores.  I like to think of myself as a little bit of a bargain shopper.  However, I still buy from some trendier stores.  Mostly I have to shop online, since we don't live in a big town and don't have any of these stores anywhere near us.  Anthropologie is one of those stores.  I rarely am able to afford much in those stores.  But, everything inside them is just so beautiful that I swoon!  So whenever there's one nearby, I have to walk in and browse.  I'm glad I did because I found some polish that I've never heard of before!  And, because Kelly and I are psychos with polish and used to paying premium prices for indie and high quality brands, I had no problem dishing out the cash for a bottle of this stuff.  In fact, Kelly was house-, cat-, and dog-sitting for my boyfriend and me, so I actually picked up a bottle for her as well, as a "thank you".

Sheswai Lacquer is a new line of polishes that are 3-free.  Just look at how beautiful that bottle is.  Pretty ethereal label and a wooden lid.  I'll admit it!  I'm such a sucker for good packaging!  I just couldn't leave this behind but since I had some similar polishes to a few of the colors Anthropologie had, I eventually settled on So Pretty.  This might sound weird, but I notice what polish other people are wearing.  Lately, I've been noticing a lot of girls and women wearing these sheer pale pink shades.  The shades that are sheer and show visible nail line (which I usually hate) and are just simple and classy-looking.  So when I picked So Pretty up, it just looked like it'd be along those same lines.  However, this has just a faint flash of a purplish-blue iridescent-ness at just the right angle.  That little blue flash elevated this polish from something simple to something really awesome!  It's subtle though, so this polish still reads as one of those subtle, sheer, classy, pale pinks.

I had a hard time capturing that blue flash, so I took these pictures on a sunny day.  These swatches show two coats, with base and top coat.  The formula was really smooth too.  This is seriously my new go-to polish.  I'm in love!

What do you think?  Into the sheer pale pink thing?  Got any favorites?

Also, does anyone have any experience with this brand?  It was totally new to me.


If you're interested in treating yourselves and checking out this polish, it sells for $16 a bottle at both Anthropologie and Sheswai's site, where they offer $4 flat-rate shipping.

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