Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Julep Maven Box

Our May Maven boxes have come!

Kelly's Box

So, I wasn't really feeling my Boho Glam box this month so I opted for the American Beauty one!  This month's box centered around pedicure care again.  I'm not complaining though.  I don't have many pedi things in my nail boxes.  With the American Beauty box I got:
A foot file
The Best Pedi Prep Ever
Nail polishes: Kylie and Ellie
I also added on the polish Ashley...I really liked it.

Now, Kylie is a magnetic polish, and the magnet does come in the box too.  This was a major plus for me because I wasn't sure about the whole magnetic polish trend.  Before this I had yet to get any.  This gave me one to try out!  Also they gave me a sample of the Best Pedi Cream ever, but this came in the April box so I dunno?  I tried out the Pedi Prep and the foot file, and I liked them!  With the Prep, you roll it on and let it sit for about 2-4 minutes, then file.  It left my feet really smooth, just like a professional pedicure.  I'm super excited because that's always my favorite part of a pedicure, soft feet!  Rinse good after though, youll have some gross loose skin stuff.  I also broke out my tube of the Best Pedi Cream Ever, just to pair it all together.  The effect was nice!  I liked using them all together, it made it feel smooth. 

I have yet to try out Kylie.  I hear the magnets take some getting used to and that there's a bit of a learning curve, so hopefully I'll get the hang of this one!  Oh, and if you're wondering, Kylie is a purple/shimmer polish, Ellie an opal shell color, and Ashley a burnt orange shimmer!

Jaclyn's Box

I was pretty satisfied with my box this month!  I haven't been the most satisfied with the polish colors in these boxes the last couple months, as I'm getting pretty comfortable with the selection I've amassed so far.  So when I saw that my style box "Classic with a Twist" didn't contain any polishes and only pedicure products, I was up to give it a try.  Also, it seemed like perfect timing.  I just got back from a quick little vacation where I was walking all over the city, half that time in heels when we went out at night.  So my feet could seriously use a little lovin'.

So like I said, my Classic with a Twist box came with pedicure stuff.  I've actually had the opportunity to test everything out, and it was divine!  To be honest, I'm usually pretty preoccupied with my fingers to give much attention to my toes.  Plus, I've never had a professional pedicure.  So it really felt like a treat to use everything.  This box is set-up as a four step treatment.

First, there's the Sicilian Orange Foot Soak.  You prepare a nice, relaxing foot bath with about a tablespoon of this stuff dissolved in the water to soak your tootsies for about five minutes.  It felt really good on my feet and made them really soft.  Next, you roll some of their Best Pedi Prep Ever on to the rough calluses on the bottoms of your feet.  This product helps exfoliate, soften, and prep those tough spots for filing.  Then, you take the big foot file they've included to exfoliate and smooth out the bottoms of your feet, which is a breeze after all the softening and exfoliating first two steps.  Lastly, they included a sample of their Best Pedi Cream Ever.  This is a cooling, hydrating, minty foot cream that was a main product in April's box (which I passed on, but Kelly bought).  I figured any cream would suffice for this step, but I must say that subtle cooling sensation was just the cherry on top of this pedicure.

Overall, I was really happy with this month's box.  Especially with summer coming up, I'm excited to have these products and look forward to keeping up with a little footcare regime.

As always, if you're interested in checking out the Julep program, you can find out here on their website.

Anybody else get this month's box?  What'd you get?  How do you like it?

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