Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Green Grab Bag

Good morning!

So about a week or so ago, my newest Green Grab Bag arrived!  I've actually had the time to try out some of the products, since it's arrived.

So this is what I got this month (left to right):

  • Golden Earth Chakra Oils:  That small vial and that rainbow-colored card behind it are my sample for these chakra oils.  There are 7 different oils aimed at balancing or renewing each of the 7 chakras throughout your body.  To be honest, I don't know a lot about chakras, but this smells nice and is supposed to help self-esteem, inspiring confidence and freedom.  That can only be good.
  • Beauty From Flowers:  Hibiscus and Honeysuckle Cleanser sample smelled so nice and really did it's job.  I've gotten a few facial cleansers through this program already.  This one was different.  Not only did it smell nice and leave my skin feeling clean and good, but this actually took off my make-up with no problems too (something that's been a little disappointing in others).  I ended up ordering the full-size bottle from the company as soon as I got my paycheck.
  • Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Magic Skin Cream:  This thick, all-natural cream is really all-purpose, uses ranging from skin/face moisturizer to hair cream to use on serious skin issues, such as eczema and psoriasis.  I haven't gotten to try this yet, but I've come across it in my googling for all-natural stuff.  I'm excited. 
  • Aura Cacia Natural Shower Tablets:  These effervescent tablets are meant to be placed on the floor of the shower to release the essential oils and enhance moods in your morning shower.  I haven't tried these ones yet.  I've tried similar shower tablets from Lush and really liked it.  So I'm pumped to try this one out.
  • Elemental Herbs Organic SPF30 Sunscreen:  All natural sunscreen.  I went on a little vacation to Vegas at the end of April and had gone on a major hunt for all-natural sunscreens before we left. I don't usually have a hard time in the sun, but I want to protect my skin.  Also, the chemical SPFs in regular sunscreens can absorb into your body and disrupt hormone production.  Not good.  I'll have to do a separate post to show what I took along with me and maybe show how this one compares to that.  I know all-natural sunscreens are expensive, but they're so worth it, safety-wise.
  • Clairvoyant Beauty Refreshing Cucumber Facial Toner:  This box contained a full-size item for this month.  So exciting to get a full-size item!  I don't currently use a toner.  I've slowly been evolving my face care regime, going from cleaning with an all-purpose soap in the shower to actually caring about it.  So I'd been thinking about incorporating a toner.  In fact, I was considering ordering one from one of the companies that provided items in the last Green Grab Bag (and using one of the included coupon codes).  In my hesitation, this full-sized toner arrived.  Problem solved!  And I've fallen in love.  Toner is meant to remove any remaining make-up/dirt/oil/cleanser residue after you've cleansed your face.  It also helps tighten up the pores on your face before you apply cleanser.  This Cucumber Toner is so nice and smells so fresh.  Also, this is on the Green Grab Bag site:  "This yummy smelling toner is made from the natural salt, enzymes, and vitamins in cucumbers, which have been shown to stimulate cell growth and strengthen connective tissues, while the high mineral content is a fresh antioxidant that works as a natural anti-inflammatory."  All that sounds good to me!  But seriously, this toner makes my skin feel so good!  I don't know if it's toner in general or this specific one, but I can't eliminate this from the face care regimen now. 
Every month I get my Green Grab Bag, I'm always ecstatic.  It's only $15 (no additional fee for shipping), and I feel like I get so much stuff to try out, especially considering there's often a full-size item (that Clairvoyant Beauty Cucumber Toner retails for $24, not including shipping cost, alone!).  Kelly didn't get this bag, since she ended up canceling her subscription.  It just wasn't for her.  But, I'm a big hippie-nerd about stuff like this, and the Green Grab Bag is totally worth it for me!

What do you guys think?  Does anybody else subscribe?  How do you feel about it?

I've had 3 grab bags now, and I only get more and more happy with it.  If anyone is interested in signing up for the subscription, go to Green Grab Bag's site.  As I mentioned, it's $15, no shipping, and you can cancel at anytime.


PS:  I know this kinda sounds like an advertisement.  But, we don't get perked/paid for any of this.  I seriously just love this service and the products I get every month, and I want to share it with you! :)

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