Friday, May 25, 2012

Lac Attack: Jewel Of The Nile

Morning!  I have another Etsy find for you all!  Jewel of the Nile has neon glitter pieces in blue, green and purple.  I have been seriously craving neon glitters, and this really fits the package.  For these photos, I used two coats.  I think it could use three because I have some bald spots.  I'm also loving the purple glitters in this.  Right up my alley.  This also separated (like all glitter polishes) a little.  Just give it a good shake, and it'll be fixed.  It went on pretty smooth, but add a top coat to really smooth it over.  The glitter will feel a little grainy once dried.  When I picked this one up, I also got Hell on Heels.  That's another neon glitter polish.  The seller also stated in the listing that there will be a new line of neon glitters.  Yeaaaaaah. She also recently stocked up her Summer Lovin' collection, which is Greese themed!  I snagged up Beauty School Dropout from that collection and Im obsessed.  I have an upcoming haul post, so you'll see it there! Jewel of the Nile is currently out of stock now.  I'm lucky to have snagged this beauty up when I could!

You can find Lac Attack at her Etsy shop.  The mini bottle was $4.25, and the larger bottles go for $7-$8.  Oh, she wraps the polishes in cute fabric too! With super fast shipping. I got my polishes within a day of ordering them! Crazy!


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