Monday, May 7, 2012

GlitterDaze: Flirtini

Morning everyone!  Its pouring here this morning :(.  But Ill give you all a bright polish to lighten the day!

Another GlitterDaze here!  I'm really liking their polishes, all packed with glitter and what not.  Flirtini does not disappoint.  It sits in a light pink base with blue and yellow circular glitters and pink and silver bar glitters.  You guys know how I feel about bar glitters!  So pretty.  This polish also has pinkier looking micro glitters in it, giving it even more shine.  I kind of want to try some layering experiments with this.  This polish needs a good top coat- as all glitter polishes do!  My skin is a little too pale for it right now.  I bet when I get bronze and beautiful this summer (think Gisele)...(kidding)...this color will pop nicely.  I love that the blue glitter pieces really show up in this.  It's a nice contrast. 

Is the indie polish trend getting to you guys too?


You all can find GlitterDaze here.  The minis are $4.50 and full sizes are $9.00. 

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