Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Nails: Leopard Accent

Morning all!  Today I have a mani that will probably go into my favorites file.  It's seems like a classic combo.  I've seen a lot of nails on the Internet with this combo, all slightly different.  This one is mine though! I decided to try out this new thumb/ring finger accent combo.  I really like it, actually, and intend to try out more things!  For this mani I used Essie Lacquerized for the 'regular' nails and Zoya Goldie, Essie Little Brown Dress and Essie Very Structured on the leopard nails.  When you all see my 31 Day Nail Challenge on Animal Print day, I have issues with leopard.  When I decided to try out this mani, I was determined to get it right this time!  And I am VERY proud to say...I DID IT. It was all about how I used the darker on the leopard spots and size dotting tool I used.  I went with the smaller sizes.  That let me have a little more control over the polish.  I'm now really excited to try out more leopard combinations.  Also, as much as I loved this mani (and I really did love it- I practically shoved it in peoples faces to see), it would go better during fall time.  Though, I feel leopard and red is so great together.  Ive pulled many an outfit with that combo.  No pictures of those, thank goodness. (I didn't have the best fashion sense in high school.)

I almost didn't share these nails.  They seem a little over abundant out there-nothing unique.  But I'm really glad I did.  Everyone has their own take on things and how they do them.  I, myself, like to see they different ways people do things, even if its the same design! Oh, also note that these nails are about 24 hours old and I'm already getting a slight tip wear on Lacquerized.  Oh well, they'll be different in a day!

Have you all seen this mani?  Like it or Love it? :)

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