Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainbow Honey: A New Etsy Find!

So today I have a new Etsy polish to show you!  We've been obsessed with Etsy for a long while before this nail polish obsession took hold.  K and I are so obsessed with these indie polish brands you can find there.  They have such interesting stuff, you just can't pass it up!  I find new ones, share them with K, and then we usually end up placing an order together.

Sometimes we like the same polishes but arrange for one or the other of us to buy it, knowing we can just share polishes and borrow ones we've been wanting to try from each other.  We're lucky in that regard and it works out.  Other times, a polish comes along that is either such a classic or soo unbelievably awesome that we both must have our own bottle!  That's how this one was.

This is Frozen Flame from the Etsy store called Rainbow Honey.  Currently her store is in vacation mode to get stocked up, but it seems she'll be back soon with new stuff!  Yay!

Rainbow Honey's listing says Frozen Flame is a viscous, clear base with "gold and silver holographic bar glitter and various sizes of orange, bright blue, and color-shifting blue."  In the bottle, overall the polish looks sparkly, leaning pretty orange and gold in color.  Once on the nail, this is sooo sparkly (but the skinny bar glitter keeps it from being too goddy or blinged out) and really colorful.  I liked Frozen Flame when I first got it, but once I put it on the color range is pretty spectacular! Also, that color-shifting blue she refers to is like nothing I have in any other polishes.  They flash holographic from neon, electric blue to a purplish-pinkish shade, but then go clear.  Like unless they are flashing, I can't actually see that piece of glitter on my nail, like they're transparent pieces.

Unfortunately, this is uber hard to photograph.  I tried several different lighting/camera setting combinations (including deliberately taking a blurry photo to catch those magical holographic bits) and included K's photos too to try to help you envision this one.  My disclaimer to you is that the pictures don't do it justice, though.

My mani is two coats of Frozen Flame over top of two coats of Models Own Coral Reef (btw absolutely the most perfect shade of coral, ever!  however it's pulling very red in these pictures).  This is seriously the most amazing confetti party on my nails.

K's mani is a base of Essie Play Date, Pretty and Polished Toy With Me on top of that, then a few coats of Frozen Flame on her accent nail.  Toy With Me paired great with Play Date.  Seriously, a gorgeous combination.  Toy With Me is also a duochrome.  This mani just worked so perfect on K's hands.  I loved it!

Anybody else tried her polishes yet?  How about any ah-mazing polishes you're gushing about??


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