Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Wine Night Out

Yeah..another one.  Haha!  Pretty and Polished just makes great stuff.  I can't resist!  Wine night out has different shades of purple glitters in it.  Honestly, I kind of saw some bronze colors in there too.  I'm anxious to try this on a brown color base polish.  I layered this over Essie Licorice.  I think it's good to start with a basic base to see how the polish really looks.  My camera is picking up a lot of the purple pieces, however you can see a few of the other ones here and there.  This reminds me of Forgery just on the opposite end of the color spectrum.  If Forgery has more blue and green tones, this has more burgundy, purple, and red-ish tones.  Wine Night Out doesn't dry matte though.  It would look quite gorgeous matte, I think.  Something else Ill have to try!  Application was good, I just used the one coat over black.  It was smooth too.
Pretty and Polished can be found here.  Her minis are $4.75 and regular sized bottles are $8.50.

Here's an extra of Wine Night Out over OPI Mod About You, very pretty in person.
P.s- Sorry about the black staining around my cuticles, it wouldn't come off!

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