Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Johnny Boy

Morning All! So I have my 584782756 Pretty and Polished polish to show you guys.
On to Johnny Boy!  I'm going to start off with this:  Johnny Boy will probably not be sold much longer.  If again at all.  I'm sorry to be showing you all a nearly extinct polish, but it's pretty and I want you all to at least see it!  I layered this over Essie Licorice.  Note that I once put this on by itself, I used four coats and it was major chrome looking.  Kinda cool-maybe I'll show that to you guys later on.  Anyway, Johnny Boy shines blue one moment, then gold-ish the next.  I kinda wish I had matted this too.  I think it would look really neat like that.  I added two photos below, I tried to show the duochrome of this.  The gold side was hard to capture on my camera.  I'm sorry I didn't show this to you all sooner, so you could get your hands on a bottle should you want.  Maybe she'll bring it back a few more times!

Pretty and Polished can be found through her Etsy shop,  The shop is currently closed, but should be opening up tonight!


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