Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Forgery

Yes ANOTHER Pretty and Polished.  I can't get enough and you all should seriously know by now I have no will power.  Forgery.  AH!  I was actually ready to just buy Toy With Me and was waiting for the shop to open.  When it did, this is one of the first ones I saw.  I took one look and pretty much crumbled.  Then I took a second look and saw "dries matte" and completely turned to dust.  I think this definitely falls under one of my favorite polishes.  I have a lot so that's saying something!

As soon as we get up the muster to go, me and J are grabbing our men (solely for carrying and lifting purposes) and going to IKEA, where I will buy myself a wonderful Helmer.  (This is the organizer so famous for holding nail polishes perfectly.)  OK!  Anywhoo back to Forgery.   I put this over Essie Licorice.  Then I added and extra matte layer of Essie Matte About You.  Its more of a layering polish.  Im sure you could wear it on is own but it's pretty translucent and would need several coats to be opaque.  The glitters will shine blue/green or purple depending on the light or angle your hand is in.  And, actually my boyfriend pointed out that there are some orangey looking glitters on it, too.  They are subtle, but, sure enough, there.  This is a polish that dries matte but will look just as pretty shiny.

Any one else pick this beauty up?  I'd love to see more layering combinations! Unfortunately, Pretty and Polished will only be stocking this one a few more times, along with Toy With Me and a few others.  I would grab it while you can!


Pretty and Polished is sold here.  Her prices went up about a few cents but still worth it!  Full sizes are $8.50 and minis are $4.75. Not bad at all!


  1. I've always wanted to get this polish but I wasn't sure now I know I have to get it :)

    1. Its gorgeous! J put shiny top coat on it and it was still just as pretty.


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