Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Candy Coated

So, I finally got one of the last Pretty and Polished polishes on my list.  Candy Coated!  Candy Coated turned out to be even better in person.  I like it so much, I might even splurge for a full size!  Candy Coated sits in a light pink base.  Though its a lighter color, its bright.  I had some trouble capturing the color on my camera.  It kept wanting to go super light, pastel, and that's not quite right.  It really is much brighter in person.  The glitters in this one range from pink to purple to holographic, and they are small.  The holographic ones are sparse in the polish, but so pretty when they catch the light!  For this polish, all you really need is two coats.  Its pretty opaque with just that.  I added a top coat to really smooth it over.  Not that it dries bumpy or anything, just for some extra sleekness! I'm really glad I finally picked this one up.   Totally worth it!

You can find Pretty and Polished here.  The shop is currently closed but she's always good about getting back up quickly!

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