Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Born Again

I pick this one up a while ago.  Im excited to show it to you guys.  Although, I haven't seen this one is Pretty and Polished's shop lately. Thats ok, I'm sort of obsessing over all of her stuff.  The shop owner is really awesome to work with and she gets back to you quick, which is always nice!  OK, so Born Again sits in a shimmery blue/purple jelly base with different sized glitters in it.  Some of the glitters are holographic and some are this red/pinky color.  It was pretty sheer to start out but with a thick second coat it looks opaque enough.  The only problem I had with this was the fishing for glitters.  They sit at the bottom of the bottle so each time I painted a nail, I shook it.  That made things a whole lot better.  I also noticed that after just one use there is a good amount of polish gone from the mini bottle.  Possibly due to the heaviness of the glitters?  It smoothed out nicely with a topcoat. It was pretty sunny the day I took these photos so the holographic pieces stood out when I was out and about.  I tried to capture it in a photo but alas I'm a shitty photographer.  Sorry, just try to take my word for it that this polish is very pretty!  I love the red/pinky glitter pieces they add a nice contrast to the dark translucent base.  I want to try more things from her store, her holographics in particular, but I think I need to calm it down a bit!  Ha!


Have you guys tried her stuff yet?  It really is amazing!  Get on it.  I certainly have.

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