Monday, April 23, 2012

Out of the Box: Butter London Disco Biscuit

So I'm going to start a new post segment called "Out of the Box".  I have a lot of polish.  Some I either haven't used, or haven't used in a while, or brand new.  So, to give them some use and show 'em off, I'll give them their own 15 minutes of fame here!  Also I keep my polishes in boxes (see picture below).  So it seems to fit.

Today I have Butter London's Disco Biscuit.  I was kinda iffy about getting this one because of No More Waity Katie. The formula on that one is horrible.  But I'll bring that out of the box another time.  Disco Biscuit, to me, looked like it would be the same.  However, after seeing the numerous beautiful swatches of it (and getting an awesome coupon from Ulta that let me get 20% off the prestige cosmetics) I went for it!  Boy, am I glad I did too!  Disco Biscuit sits in a bright pink jelly with blue micro glitters.  In the sunlight, this polish really works it.  I used three coats, which is a little hard for me to do.  I am a two coat only girl.  This polish needs that third coat though, in order to diminish the nail line being seen. You can still kind of see it though.  Maybe next time I'll find a similar shade to put under!  It went on super smooth too.  No problems at all.  It definitely needs a top coat and a good thick layer too.  It's a bit hungry.  This shade is gonna be a summer go to, I think.  Since I'm in love I'm going to overload the pictures!

You guys pick this one up yet?  It's gorgeous.


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