Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A New Etsy Polish Find: Wonder Beauty Products

Ok, so as you all know, we've been on this indie polish kick.  We're always open to finding new brands and things like this.  Wonder Beauty Products does her polish a little differently, and me and J were really intrigued.  She puts them in jars!  No bottles here!  I'm sure all of you are wondering how that works.  When I put our order in I asked the seller to send me some extra info about her products and this is what she had to say:

"Here is a bit about my lacquer concept and how I came up with the idea.

My daughter and I were discussing over the past holiday how frustrating it was to apply glitter polishes to your nails in order to get good coverage.  Sometimes it takes literally 10 coats of standard glitter polish to get enough of the glitters out.  We have often had to pour them out onto a plate and then go for the glitters.
The idea hit me one day that it would be awesome to have a glitter lacquer in a wide mouth palette so you would have the free and easy ability to grab as much glitter as you like and could then apply it thin or heavy depending on preference.
Standard bottles are also frustrating in that nearly 1/3 of standard polishes go to waste as they become very gummy and you cannot get the last of the product out of the bottle due to the short brushes and narrow opening.
The palette allows accessibility to use nearly every last bit.

Why the jar?
I fell in love with the unique and classy idea of vibrant, animated nail colors concentrated in a beautiful cosmetic jar - hence a nail color cosmetic!  No store bought "Franken" mixing here!
All of my colors are truly made from scratch and will require hand mixing for optimal radiance with each use.

What are the benefits?
Easy mix color palette for optimal radiance:
Eliminates the frustration and limitation of "shake mixing".  Get vibrant color results with every use!

Color and density control:
Use as concentrated for quick heavy coverage or add liquid fusion for a more translucent look.

No waste:
No more waste like you get when nearing the bottom of traditional bottled nail polishes. The wide mouth, shallow nail polish in a cosmetic jar allows for full use to the very last drop without gumminess or waste."

I think all us nail fanatics can relate to the problems with glitter polish and having to 'fish' for glitters.  It can be a pain!  Her polishes are also 3- Free!  She also is considering if buyers would want the polish to be in the regular bottles, and planning to offer both options.  So if your skeptical about the pot but like the colors you can go for the bottle!


This type of polish has a little bit of a learning curve.  Also, we found that you have to keep mixing it with the stick provided.   I ordered Hippie Fest.  It sits in a clear/glittery base.  The flakes in this one are awesome.  Purple, blue and a light green.  I love it!  It looks like gem shards on the nail.  I used OPI Mani Ways to Wear it for a base underneath this, and it paired nicely, making my nails look super glittery.   It was slightly time consuming because this is one of those polishes you have to just goop the glitter on and move it around, rather than painting it on.  If you all are wondering how to even put this on, she provides a "fusing liquid" with it.  Since the polish in the jar is super concentrated, the fusing liquid waters it down.  The fusing liquid comes in a regular bottle with a brush, so the brush acts like your applicator.  With Hippie Fest, though, I would sometimes use the stirring stick to get some larger shards on the nail.  This polish goes perfect with the spring/summer colors that are big right now.  While I understand the concept behind the jar, it's similar to a bottle in that you have to stir (shake, in bottle terms) the glitter after a while.  Though the whole point of the jars is, so that in the long run, you won't be wasting any polish.  That definitely is a huge plus about this product! I'll be trying out some more!


The shade I settled on is called Wild Berry Blast.  It was a hard choice because I had about five different ones I had my eye on and I have to be a responsible adult and keep my purchases in check.  This one is a very dark purple-fuschia base with two different sizes of blue, purple, black, and iridescent glitter.  This color was actually pretty cool.  Just normally using my hand throughout the day, it was a nice dark purple-fuschia shade.  Upon closer inspection, this is just like a little pot of preserves. The base color is a jelly.  So it builds in color and allows you to see the glitter pieces at different depths within the lacquer on your nail.  Seriously little bits of berries in jam.

And, like always it seems, my pictures are not really capturing this one.  That purple base is very rich in person.  Also, the polish looks chunky in these pictures, but that's not the case.  I put a thick swipe of Seche Vite on top and it was smoothed over, problem.

As K mentioned, there's a bit of a learning curve with these, just because it's so different using the palette, being used to a regular bottle.  I had to keep stirring up the polish every two nails or so.  But the open jar made that easy to do and the glitters were mixed better having used the stick than trying to shake a traditional bottle.  The "fusion liquid" seems like a clear polish or topcoat.  I didn't want to thin this out at all.  So I didn't add any of that to jar.  I just picked up the brush and swirled it in the jar, slid it across the jar's lip to wipe off any excess, and painted my nails, just like any regular polish.  Also, it does seem like you'd be able to use these up easier with less waste, just as the info says.

Originally, I only bought this one color to test out how I liked the palette.  Now, I'll be going back (when I have some extra funds to spend) to grab a few more.

If anyone's interested in trying out these new palette polishes, you can check out her lovely creations at her Wonder Beauty Products store on Etsy.

Anyone have any of her polishes or got their eye on any in particular?

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