Monday, April 9, 2012

Nerd Lacquer

Good Monday to everyone!  Today we're sharing two polishes that we've been holding onto for a while:  Nerd Lacquer.

K's Nails

Back at Christmas time, J found Nerd Lacquer on Etsy.  She had picked me up this bottle as part of my Christmas present.  Who knew it would literally be so hard to get your hands on today?  Hyperspace Bypass sits in a bright mustard yellow.  The glitters are black and gold with some holographic glitters as well.  I love the smaller black glitter pieces in this.  To be honest, I haven't even worn it yet until now!  The yellow is much brighter on the nail.  I like it a lot with my skin tone actually.  Two coats were enough to be opaque which makes me like it even more.  I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite and it smoothed out nicely!  These polishes are really nice and I wish they weren't so hard to get a hold of!  There's so many more colors I want!

J's Nails

When I first stumbled across Nerd Lacquer polishes, it was just before Christmas.  She was busy getting orders out for the holiday, but she wasn't crazy-in-demand like she is now.  Ah, the good ol'days, when Nerd Lacquer was easily attainable!....  I picked up a bottle for me and one to add to K's Christmas gift.  I really liked several but ultimately decided on a very wearable shade, Entirely Unlike Tea.  It's a pinky-nude polish with tiny and medium silver glitter.  Also, there's the slightest purpley sheen to it.  Then, there's some of those tiny iridescent glitter pieces that are translucent or sheer so they're imperceptible until you tilt just right and they flash purplish-bluish.  These pieces are very small and very subtle, but definitely take this glitter nude to the next level.  Entirely Unlike Tea is a great shade for when I want something basic but not too boring.

My pictures are making it look sheer and champagne-colored.  In real life, I swear this one is also opaque at two coats, smooth with a good topcoat, and nude-leaning-pinkish.

I'm really bummed that it's so difficult to get her polishes now.  There's a handful more I'd like to grab.  Oh well!  I'm having fun discovering plenty of other indie brands!  Maybe someday, I'll catch her store in time to get a bottle of All Of Time And Space or Data Squirrel.

You can find Nerd Lacquers on Harlow&Co., Ninja Polish and Etsy.  All are currently sold out.  Hopefully, they'll be back in stock and we can all get our hands on some more!

Has anyone been able to snag a bottle of this?  How do you like yours?

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