Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Nails!

Happy Friday all!  So since this weekend is Easter and we were raised Catholic, we did some themed nails!

K's  Nails
I was thinking of going all crazy skittle Easter egg nails for this, but then I went towards something simple.  I have not done a successful half moon in a while.  I keep messing up the paper reinforcers.  So I try free-hand, then really mess it up, and end up taking it off.  So I got determined (it helped that I had a whole day of nothing planned) and got to it.  I picked some colors that would be opaque enough for one coat.  Waiting for them to dry is one of my big problems.  I always get impatient. 

I ended up using Essie Lilacism for the half moon, Essie Need a Vacation for the middle nail part, and American Apparel Butter for the tips.  Lilacism is showing up more blue-toned in these photos, but it's more purple in life.  I've been really into the zigzag french mani.  I had done one previously with Essie Mint Candy Apple and Essie Blanc, and I loved it.  That in and of itself was Easter-y.  I like the pastel colors I picked for this, I think they "mesh well".  (Hope that all brought Clueless to your head as much as it did in mine) A couple of my zigzags are off, but thats OK!  It's still a cute, spring-time mani!

J's Nails

I was excited to do my Easter nails, since I've been craving all the lovely pastels and I had a mani in mind that'd use a bunch all together.  So here are my Easter egg nails!  Originally, my plan was to do a little chick in half a shell on my ring fingers, but it didn't work out.  I didn't have all night to wait on the base color to dry before putting tape down for that zigzag.  When I tried freehanding it, I realized my short nails weren't enough of a "canvas" to give enough space for a part of shell and a little chick with a face.  It just wasn't working out.

Please excuse the dry cuticles.
I've been working on fixing up the bathroom.
Nonetheless, I am loving all the Easter eggs!  I love all these pastels together.  It's really cute and springy!  For this mani, I just alternated straight lines, zigzag lines, and a line of polka dots.  Each nail uses the same colors for the same lines in the same order, I just started at different spots on each nail to make them look a little different:

Base color:  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Feathered
Straight green line:  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Wasabi
Pink zigzag line:  Zoya Sweet
Straight purple line:  Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy
Yellow zigzag line:  Julep Blake
Blue polka dot line:  Zoya Kristen

How'd you guys do your Easter nails?  Anybody not celebrating Easter but still do a great Spring mani?

We wanna hear how your nails are painted! :)

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