Friday, April 27, 2012

Check it Out: Zoya Remove +

Ok, so as a huge nail enthusiast, I've tried a lot of nail polish removers.  I usually just buy a cheap moisturizing one from the local Walmart.  Jaclyn swears by her Essie remover, and honestly- as much as I love Essie's polish, I hate their remover.  It leaves that chalky feeling to my nails like acetone does.  That's one of my biggest pet peeves with removers.  I don't like my cuticles to be dried and white looking after.  I'm sure if you're a nail polish freak too, you know what I'm talking about.

Zoya Remove + takes the cake.  I've heard a lot of good things about this and decided to give it a go.  I had a good coupon to use up at Ulta and decided to pick this up with a few of my other needs.  I'm hooked, turned, joined the band wagon...whatever!  This remover takes off the polish in a one good swipe.  AMAZING.  Even glitters weren't that hard to remove!  At least the amount of work it would take with acetone.  Can't beat that!  The smell is nice too.  Not too much like chemicals.  It honestly smells like Aveda hair products do, if you've ever smelled that?  Is Aveda outside of Ohio?  I'm not sure, sorry, but they're products smell really nice.  Also I had on a red polish, one that's notorious for staining my cuticles, and I had no staining with using this as the remover!  I was so excited.  I just got this bottle a few days ago, and as you can see it's been in use.  I had a swatching day recently, and this really led me through it.  I might pick up the 32 oz just to keep refilling my pump bottle.  AH!  The pump on this is so nice too.  It's spill proof.  The cap twists to lock and unlock.  Need I gush over this product anymore?  Also, I'm kinda excited too, because I recently bought my picks from the summer Zoya collection and I got a free 2 oz. of this.   Just 2 oz. but still, I'll put it to good use. 

The Big Flipper bottle runs a little pricey for a remover at $9.99, though totally worth every penny.  The Big Flipper is 8 oz, then the 32 oz (refiller) is $25.  You can find them here.


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