Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Check It Out!: whimsy and spice

Hello to everyone!  Today I'm talking about food again.  It's a little company called whimsy and spice.

So a couple of weeks ago I told you all about my passion for food and how pleased I was when I splurged on a box of treats from With Love, From Brooklyn in this post.  I promised that I'd try to buy something from each of the companies separately and share with you what I got.

I also mentioned that I've followed the blog of Jenna from whimsy and spice for awhile.  It's called Sweet Fine Day.  It makes me feel like a big ol' creep because I want a life like her and her husband, Mark, have:  living in Brooklyn, two great little girls, owning their own business (not without the stresses and demands that comes along with) - Jenna is a freelance designer and graphic artist and Mark is the pastry chef making all their delicious items, their passions are their careers.  I love that.  Her blog is pretty awesome, if you go check it out.  She's open and honest about her life and what's on her mind.  Plus, her pictures are so beautiful.

So because I've been following along on their life for awhile now, I felt a little bias towards their company.  I knew theirs absolutely had to be the first one I get some goodies from.  I love trying new things, and whimsy and spice have such tempting flavor combinations.  Besides, my tastes span pretty wide, into territory that is a little uncommon.  After a peruse of their shop, I knew I'd settle on the Herbs & Spices Gift Box.  The box would give me a little taste of many things (since I couldn't decide on just one or two sweets in the store), and I could try more of the interesting spiced flavors.  Besides when I'm ordering something really special and unique like this, I want to try the unique flavors.  I always sorta feel like I can get/make more "normal" flavored things at home.  So this is what I got:

Chocolate Orange Cardamom shortbread cookies.  I love chocolate and the chocolate-orange combo.  These were so good with that touch of spice from the cardamom.  Not too much to say here, as they were delicious and easily a favorite.  Even my boyfriend, who isn't so into trying out new/different things, really loved these cookies.

Honey Lavender shortbread cookies.  I was interested in these.  Usually, I shy away from floral flavors, but I knew the Rose and Vanilla handmade marshmallows I had from the Brooklyn box were so balanced and just right that I wanted to try these out.  Also, I bought some lavender once and tried experimenting with some cookie recipes - not so successful on my own.  These cookies I really loved.  So delicate and lovely.  Like I felt I should be inside a Jane Austin book or something - big nerd, don't remind me.  I liked these a lot more than I originally though I would.  I would definitely splurge on these again.

Rose & Black Pepper thumbprints.  When I used to set up the cookie table for weddings at the banquet hall I used to work at, I probably have trayed thousands upon thousands of thumbprints.  I was anxious to see how these were.  The black pepper piqued my interest, and I've only skimmed recipes for rose jelly I've come across during canning season.  These flavors were definitely a surprise.  I must admit that, although I didn't dislike these, they were probably my least favorite from the sampler.  The rose and black pepper actually went together really wonderfully with neither overpowering the other.  It was just my personal taste-preference.

Coconut Five Spice White Chocolate cookies.  These little drop cookies were soo good!  I'm not a big white chocolate fan, but I love the spice and coconut paired with it.  They were so tasty and delicious, especially with my afternoon cup of coffee.  It's a tough call between whether these or the Chocolate Orange Cardamom shortbread cookies are my favorite.

Cardamom marshmallows.  These handmade marshmallows are so good.  I can't really decided what type of hot beverage they'd be good in.  So I just eat them, as is.  Although, I did end up plopping one in my afternoon coffee one day, and it was divine.  The cardamom in these is wonderful and made me realize that I should buy some and start baking with it.

I'm so glad I spent my money on this sampler!  I honestly don't know how it took me so long to splurge on some of their cookies.  I enjoyed trying out all the different flavor combinations they have to offer.  Also, all their items are made with quality ingredients.  They're all natural and fancy and make me feel totally not guilty and a little more elegant during snack-time!  In addition to these rather unique flavors, they also have some more traditional flavors that are definitely worth checking out as well.

 If you are interested in ordering deliciousness from them, you can go to their online store whimsy and spice or their Etsy store.  If you are interested in checking out Jenna's blog, it's Sweet Fine Day.


Anybody else hear of the Sweet Fine Day blog or the whimsy and spice store?  Anybody recently try some really delicious sweets?

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