Thursday, April 12, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 12 Stripes

We've really fell behind on the 31 Day Challenge.  We never meant to keep to it strictly, but it's been awhile...  We've just had way too amazing indie polishes that you just had to see!

To keep going with the challenge:  it's day 12 and that means stripes!

K's Nails

This is one of the days I was excited about.  Stripes, to me, look really cool on the nail.  I did verticle stripes with OPI Ogre the Top Blue and used my white striper to do the stripes.  I wanted the white to be a thicker stripe than the blue so they didn't come out exactly perfect.  Hey, it was my first time!  I actually got a lot of compliments on this one.  The colors looked good together.  I had gotten Ogre the Top Blue so long ago I almost forgot I had it.  It's a really nice vibrant blue.  It's similar to Essie Mesmerize, but upon a closer look they're different enough.  You guys want me to do a dupe off?

J's Nails

Ok, so I'm kinda embarrassed by these ones.  Originally, I had this great idea to do different thicknesses of stripes in a few random colors.  I imagined it looking really great.  Then, I had shaky hands, for whatever reason, and couldn't get smooth lines.  Maybe it's harder to do horizontal versus vertical stripes?  I dunno.  Then, I put a topcoat on and it smears my index and middle fingers, bad.  I might try this one again sometime, maybe use tape strips to get the lines right.  But, I guess sometimes things don't always go as planned.  Can you have a bad nail art day?  Like a bad hair day?  Has anyone else just not been able to get their idea to come together right?  Ughh, I hate that.

Anyways, the colors I used were Models Own Fuzzy Peach, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Feathered and Wasabi, and Butter London Blagger.  I wore the Models Own for a day because I love it so much, as it's the perfect peach polish I've been dreaming of.  Then, I left it as the base and used my skinny art brush to do the stripes. 

How'd your stripes come out?  Anybody else ever have a bad nail art day?  How about find the perfect peach?

Also, is anyone interested in dupes?  We've got a lot if we combine our collections, and we were considering it.


  1. I looooove dupe comparison posts! I was trying to do the 31 day challenge...(going to try again another month) and my stripes were teeeeeerrible! I love the colors you both picked. ^_^

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we decided that we have a lot of dupes between the two of us! So more to come on that!


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