Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet Offer from Julep!

Hey!  So you know how we told you about our Julep Maven Boxes?

Well, we have a really great deal we wanted to share with you, as a "thank you" for checking out our humble little blog.

If you are interested in trying out the Julep Maven Program, then we have an awesome coupon code for you!  This coupon code allows you to order your first Maven Box for $0.01, literally 1 penny.  Actually, this is the same deal we both saw around the holidays and jumped on to get us started in the program.  You will have to sign up for the monthly program, but keep in mind you can cancel if you don't like it or skip a month if you don't have the funds from time to time.  Also, there are no extra costs for shipping.  It's always free.

Go to JULEP'S WEBSITE and fill out the profile to see which style personality you are.  Then enter the coupon code SHAREONMARCH at checkout.


And thanks for checking us out!

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