Tuesday, March 27, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Mystery Box

So from time to time, Julep has these special mystery boxes.  K and I have only been Mavens for 3 months so far, but it seems there's been an extra mystery box each month (Oscar-themed for January, Valentine's for February, and St. Patrick's Day for March).

This month's St. Patrick's Mystery Box intrigued me.  You don't actually know what you'll get (hence the mystery) and the value can range between $40-100.  I've been on the look out for a good grass-green shade.  So I figured the St. Patrick's Day box will have to have some sort of green, plus I wouldn't mind the extra beauty products.  K and I decided to split it because we both weren't totally sold on spending the 20 bucks, not knowing what we'll get, especially considering money can get a little tight.

I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda disappointed with it.  I'm glad we only split it, and I might not opt for the next mystery box to come out.

This is what we got:
  • a crystal nail file:  K has one of these, and I've been wanting one, so score on that.
  • 4 gold-wrapped chocolate coins:  This is cute, and I always welcome chocolate into my life
  • small 1-ounce tubes of their glycolic hand scrub and age-defying hand brightening lotion:  These weren't too bad either.  I like to use scrub, so that was fine.  And, K really liked this lotion when we got it in January.
  • 4 bottles of polish:  This is where my disappointment hit.  The only green, Sofia, is really more of a translucent topcoat that I got in the regular March Maven box.  Lame.  The purple, I already have a shade similar.  K took this one since she was wanting a purple.  The burnt orange metallic is the only polish I was excited about.  It's a really nice shade that'll be perfect in Fall.  Lastly, they included their basecoat.  K took this one too since she was needing to get a new bottle of basecoat, anyways.  Besides, I'm pretty committed to the Butter London basecoat.
All in all, it's definitely a lot of product for only $19.99.  So I really shouldn't complain.  However, I'd have been pretty bummed if K and I hadn't split this.  The beauty products were great.  It was the polishes that disappointed me.  I'm only keeping one and K is happily taking the rest.  So it works.  One out of four isn't that great if you ask me, so it definitely benefitted us to split it.  I can honestly say I won't be purchasing the mystery box by myself, though.  It was a fun surprise, but not knowing what to expect didn't work out so good with the polish.

Did anybody else opt for this month's mystery box or regular maven box?  What'd you get in yours?  How'd you like your stuff?

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