Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Nails

Happy Friday All!  St. Patricks Day is this weekend so expect to see our nails next week.  Hope you all enjoy the weekend!
When J picked up a few teeny brushes for me,  I just couldn't wait to use them.  The brushes really allow for way more things.  I had seen this "zebra" look before.  It's not quite zebra but triangles.  And the POW is something I've been dying to do, as well.  For these nails, I used Zoya Pippa, Zoya Ali, Essie Licorice and Essie Blanc.  I'm really digging the look of these.  Pop culture.  I've been really craving crazy nails lately so I'm sure, now that I have these brushes, I'll really be going at it.

I do kinda wished I had put less zigzags on the POW and ( again) that I put it the opposite direction so that you could read it when my nails are positioned this way.  Direction!

Share you St.Patricks Day nails with us this weekend!

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