Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Nails

I've been on a nail art thing lately.  I can't get enough of the new brushes we got and I want to try something new daily.  For these I used Essie Haute as Hello, Essie Blanc and Essie Licorice.  Can you guys tell which is my favorite nail polish brand yet?  Essies in my opinion go on smooth, dry fast and the formula is just the right thickness.  Right now I'm trying to hunt down their neons but I can't find them!  Sad.  If anyone knows where I can get 'em- let me know!  My skulls, I think they need to be the other direction.  But then I would have had to put the hearts in the other direction?  Ah I dunno.  I've got to work on my directional skills.  The skulls were actually really easy to do.  Some of my hearts as well are a little wonky. But when your doing 9 hearts for 8 nails, some are bound to be not perfect.  I like the color combo for this.  I had debated between using a real pink pink for the base.  But the coral/orange color works for this.  Any ideas for my nail art obsession? 

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  1. I love the combination of coral/orange with white. It looks gorgeous and is more unexpected then pink with white hearts. Love the skull, too. ;)


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