Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Nails: Trying Something New

Lately, I've been trying out different nail art techniques.  Although I would say I'm a big crafter and DIY-er and that I generally have an eye for balance and aesthetics, I really lack that innate creativity that makes someone "artistic".  So I really struggle doing my nail art from time to time.  I don't need to do fancy characters, pictures, words, or anything crazy elaborate.  I just want to successfully pull off some simple patterns.  Usually, I'm drawn to the simpler manis with polka dots, patterns, geometric shapes, etc. anyways.  I think part of this journey is finding my niche, so to speak, and the tools that I'm comfortable using.

K and I have invested in different tools to expand our capabilities.  We'll end up doing a full post about how we feel about konading eventually.  But, just to mention it:  we have not had the best of luck.  We had such high hopes and expectations for this method, but I dunno, we are just not good at it.  K and I have plans to return to this method and give it a second go.

Then, we got our dotting tools.  We both really love these things.  They can do more than simple dots, and I definitely haven't utilized these nearly enough.  I do not regret spending the quiche on these tools.  My only issue with these is they aren't quite the multi-tasker as I was hoping.  Once I got these, I figured for the type of designs I like to do that I wouldn't really need anything else.  I was wrong.  I was inspired by this tutorial on Refinery29 to really give my dotting tools a go for something a little more advanced.  They failed miserably!  Seriously, not good.  I kept removing and repainting my base color to retry the design.

Then I had an idea to snag a little art brush out of my craft stuff and give that a try.  Success!  I've seen other nail bloggers' awesome designs done with fine brushes.  But I was reluctant to add another tool to my collection when I wasn't sold on actually needing it.  Well, it turns out I can totally use a fine brush for what I want to do.

This pattern look is so up my alley!  I really liked the black and copper combo they have in the tutorial, but I gave this a try with Butter London Tea with the Queen and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.  Tea with the Queen is a really classic and sweet pinky-nude color.  Now that I'm finally starting to get a feel for Spring, I'm really happy to be giving these nudes a try.  I actually wasn't originally planning to even do anything to my nails when I painted this because it just looks so nice.  But, I guess I was bored, feeling adventurous, and it was a Saturday afternoon with nothing better to do (not like I have a house, with chores, and remodeling/decorating projects that need done or anything, seriously I have rooms that aren't set up and such a mess still with stuff in boxes from moving in months ago SHAMEFUL, I know...but polish is so addicting!).

So after the success of the brush, I had to run right out to the craft store and buy these two uber fine brushes that'll work for nail art.  I hate to have more stuff than I need, and I was trying to keep my tools to a minimum.  Oh well, now I've got options!  I definitely won't be giving up the dotting tools, because I think they have their place.  Only time and practice will tell the destiny of the konad set though.

Has anyone tried out any new tools yet?

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