Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Nails: A Simple Inspiration

Ok, so lately K and I have been obsessing over WAH Nails.  Their nails are soo sweet!  They are a nail salon that specializes in crazy and awesome nail art, not your typical manicure.  Unfortunately for us, they are based in London.  K and I definitely don't have the funds to take off to London anytime soon for a manicure.  So the best we can do is be inspired and practice our own nail art skills.  Their tumblr page gives so much for inspiration.  I love their patterns, tribal/ikat designs, and those bright colors!  So this mani I did in homage to them is simple (I am not yet at a level to attempt the intricacy that they pull off so well!) but I think the effect is still pretty great.

This is half moons and a skinny french tip.  First, I painted my whole nail Essie Tour de Finance.  Next, I used those hole reinforcer stickers for paper to tape off the half moons and painted the top part of my nail Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Dangerous.  Lastly, I just freehanded the tips with Essie Tour de Finance again.

I love the combination of the bright, hot pink with the dark, neutral grey.  My camera isn't capturing Tour de Finance very well.  These pictures make it look darker.  It's not a neon, but it is really bright and electric.  It's a hot pink with a purpley sheen to it.  (btw "Purpley" is totally a word)  That sheen and color make it look really electric-pink, kinda how A England Avalon is an electric purple.

I loved this mani and it actually stayed on my nails for a couple days.  I can't wait to test out some more inspirations.


What's been inspiring your manis lately?  Anything in particular?

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