Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Nails + A New Polish

With my recent obsession with WAH Nails and Hey, Nice Nails!, I had to give another inspired mani a try.  They do such cool skittles nails with different designs on each nail in coordinating colors.  So I tried my own spin on it.

For the colors, I was inspired by a new polish I got from an Etsy store a couple weeks ago.  I was so excited by it when it showed up!  The store is called All That Glitters.  I've been wanting a few polishes from her for awhile, but just finally had the funds to jump on this one.  I have my eye on a few others, but this one I got is called Heartbeat City.  This has four sizes of different colored glitters:  tiny aqua glitter, small silver glitter, medium aqua/teal glitter, and mega-sized silver pieces.  Everything is suspended in a pinkey-purpley translucent base.  Plus, all the glitter pieces are holographic.  The silver holographic pieces are shiny and wonderful.  With all those aqua/teal pieces being holographic, the colors shift from from bluish to tealish to greenish.   Her pictures almost don't do it justice, because once I had this in person it is so brilliant.  And, as I usually do with crazy glitters like this, I topped it off with a thick swipe of Seche Vite, and it was completely smoothed over.

So on to the mani!... To start, I painted all nails with two coats of Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy.  Instead of just doing Heartbeat City on an accent nail, I had to do two nails with it.  So I put two coats of it on my ring fingers and thumbs.  On my index fingers, I used my dotting tools to add the polka dots, using A England Saint George.  On my middle fingers, I used my new thin art brushes to paint a striped, basketweave design using Essie Bobbing for Baubles.  I thought the navy would be nice to use, but it looks like dark purple on top of To Buy Or Not To Buy.  Lastly, I used the thin brushes again to paint the wides stripes of A England along the top and Bobbing for Baubles along the bottom of my pinky fingers.

I like how the coordinated colors kept this from looking too nuts.

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