Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Jawbreaker

Alas, I have no will power.  I see a nail polish I like and it ultimately becomes mine.  Anywhooo...Jawbreaker.  I love it, I can't get enough.  The yellow glitter pieces in this are killing me softly.  It literally looks like a jawbreaker.  And again with the bar glitters AH.  Theres square glitters too.  The glitter pieces range in all sizes in this polish.  The bigger pieces are a little harder to get out but if you give your bottle a little shake, you'll get em. (Shhh I know its a big polish no no to shake the bottle but glitter polishes like this rarely get bubbles.  At least for me.)  It also smoothed over really nicely with a top coat.  Another bonus about these polishes is that I find they dry pretty quick.  I like it.  I had got one of the last mini bottles from her shop, hopefully for you all she'll restock. :)  Also J pointed out to me that she has a dupe of Lynderella's Connect the Dots, so if you missed your chance to get that one, buy hers!  You can find her polishes here.   The mini bottles are $4.50 and the larger bottles are $8.  Just as I was typing that link I see that she has a polish called Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling GAH!  Half my addiction is based on the names.  They draw me in. 
So have you guys tried these yet?


Update: Coming swatches by Pretty and Polished- Midnight Masquerade and Born Again.  I have no willpower.


  1. Gah, this is so pretty! I JUST ordered this... can't wait to get it! Also picked up Midnight Masquerade, although I couldn't find any swatches of it- can't wait to see yours!

    1. I just put on midnight masquerade today! So expect those swatches soon!..sorry this is so delayed haha -K


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