Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Julep Maven Boxes

So has anyone heard of Julep's Maven Program?  We saw an awesome coupon code on a blog to sign up for the program around the holidays and jumped on it.  Basically, it's a monthly subscription for $19.99/month (no shipping fee) for nail polish and beauty products.  To start, you take a little quiz to be fitted with one of five style personalities.  Each month there are slightly different options for each style.  As a Maven, you'll have between the 24th and 27th of each month to check out the box for your style, choose to skip it, arrange for it to be shipped to a friend, or pick a different style's box.  Then you're charged for the selection, and the boxes are packed up all cute and shipped out right around the beginning of the month.  We don't have a lot of experience with the program yet.  We both received the introductory box for January, skipped February's box for lack of funds, and just got March's box.  So far, though, we can tell that every style has two or three polishes selected and one beauty product.  Here's what we got for March:

Maven J's Box

I was given the style personality of "Classic with a Twist".  I was pretty happy with that one and actually it's pretty descriptive of my style.  I'm always drawn to really simple, classic designs and styles, but I always have something funky to accent it, just to throw it a little off and make it different.  That goes for my choices no matter whether it's wardrobe, make-up, or decor related.

However, that style was just too on for this month's Maven box.  The polishes for Classic with a Twist were a nudey-pinkey color and a sheer purple with gold shimmer.  As I already have Zoya's Neeka and waaay too many nudes/pinks/neutrally shades, I opted to get a different box.  I didn't want to skip this month all together once I saw that the beauty product was going to be a bottle of Organic Argan Oil.  So I chose the Bombshell box.

This box came with a dark orange polish, a sheer green polish with blue shimmer, the Organic Argan Oil and a dropper for the bottle, and a nail file.  I'm not too pumped about the orange.  It's really similar to my Essie Orange, It's Obvious!, except it pulls a little more red and a hair darker.  The other polish is a bit more intriguing though.  All the boxes seemed to come with one opaque shade and one sheer, layer-able shade for this month.  I love green and I definitely don't have anything similar.  It's a bright, sheer green with bright blue shimmer.

Then there's the Argan Oil.  I've really been wanting a bottle of this product because I've heard nothing but such good things about it!  Seriously, it really lives up to its reputation!  I am a complete convert.  I've only been using this for a few days so far, but I'll be replenishing my stock when this is gone, for sure.  I've been using it on my face.  My skin is so soft and not oily at all.  Seriously, this stuff goes on and is absorbed immediately so your face doesn't look shiny or feel greasy/oily.  And it doesn't clog pores.  Usually, I have some issues with breakouts when I try out new products for my face, but after a week with this my skin is smooth with no breakout problems!

For me, I'll definitely call the March box a success!  I'm so pumped about it's contents and can't wait to see what's in April's.

Maven K's Box

First off, I love these Maven boxes.  The polishes alone are about $15 dollars each, but when you get the monthly box, you get two AND a product for $20.  DEAL!  My style is considered Boho Glam which I think is kinda spot on.  I have actually just ran out of my bottle of argan oil not too long ago so I was pretty much ecstatic about this month's box.  Argan oil can be used for a ton of things: Cuticles, rough heels/elbows, split ends.  The card that came in the box describes this oil as being "legendary for its healing, conditioning, and anti-aging properties".  This stuff is even suitable for oily/acne-prone skin.  My favorite is using it for my split ends.  It really does work and adds a little shine to the hair.  The polishes I got were Alicia and Portia.  Alicia is a nice cream light coral.  Portia is a sheer teal glitter.  I might have a similar coral ( Essie Cute as a Button) but I think that one is a little brighter.  I'm excited to try the polishes since for the last box I gave mine to J. 
Bonus: We even got a nail file with this box.  For someone who does her nails almost everyday, I could always use a new nail file.
Oh and if your interested in joining Julep Maven, use this link: 
With two credits you'll earn me a free month! That's just two people!

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