Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Nails

Happy Hunger Games!  We are huge fans of the Hunger Games over here at Tuxarina.  So of course we would do themed nails for the movie!

Caution:  We are about to nerd-out big time!  If you haven't read the books, you may be a little lost with the references.  Sorry!  We loved the books and are such big nerds!

K's Nails

I fell head over heels for the Hunger Games.  Seriously, I get sucked into series like no other, and the Hunger Games wasn't an exception.  Me and my friends went to the midnight showing last night at the IMAX theater in Cleveland.  AMAZING.

For my nails, I did the mockingjay pin to represent Katniss and roses to represent President Snow and the Capitol.  The flames I had to do because:  Hey! -- She's The Girl On Fire. 

Flames:  Zoya Pippa, China Glaze Riveting, China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, and China Glaze Electrify

Mockingjay:  Essie Licorice and Zoya Goldie

Roses:  OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts, China Glaze White on White, and Essie Pretty Edgy

Of course I had to use my Hunger Games polishes!  I put the Electrify on the bottom of the flames to look like embers, success I think.

I was nervous about doing the Mockingjay.  Especially on my right hand but it didn't come out bad at all!  My friend even had me do her Mockingjays.

J's Nails

I'm so pumped for the movie to go along with these books!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to accompany K to the IMAX theater, and I might not even have time to go see it this weekend.  Bummer!  However, I still was excited and wanted to do an inspired mani to celebrate the release!

My nail art skills are not quite as awesome as K's.  So I decided I'd go a little more subtle and do an abstract mani.  You'll have to use your imaginations a little more with my nails, but I think the inspiration comes through, nonetheless!

Thumbs:  This is my take on the eccentric and over-the-top fashion and lifestyles of those in the Capitol.  I did a sort of zig-zag, overlapped base with Essie Van D'Go, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Wasabi, and China Glaze Flyin' High.  Next, I used Julep Taylor to do a wiggly, windmill shape in the middle.  Then, I added some dots around it with Zoya Sweet and Julep Blake.

Index Fingers:  This one represents the one boy and one girl chosen every year from each district to compete in the Games.  I did half Zoya Sweet and half Zoya Kristen.

Middle Fingers:  This one represents the struggle for Katniss' love and affection between Gale and Peta.  The blue and nude half is the fair-complected, sweet Peta, the baker's son from town.  Peta's colors are Zoyas Kristen and Shay.  The brown and green represent Gale, the strong and sexy hunter that is Katniss' long-time companion.  Gale's colors are OPI You Don't Know Jacques and Essie Going Incognito

Ring Fingers:  I used my two China Glaze Hunger Games polishes to represent the heroine, Katniss, the Girl on Fire.  This is Luxe and Lush over top of Riveting.  Just like all the swatches I've seen out there say:  this really does look like fire.  I think it's an appropriate representation, like flames or smoldering embers.

Pinkies:  This finger represents the deep, classy and understated, sexy designer for all of Katniss' costumes during the Games, Cinna.  Gah!  Love him!  I used Obsessive Compulsive Tarred.  Then I matted it using Essie Matte About You for a softer look.  Lastly, I added a thin strip of gold metallic with Butter London The Full Monty.

Is anybody else into this series and totally pumped for the movie?  Did you do a themed mani too?

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