Thursday, March 29, 2012

Check It Out!: With Love, From Brooklyn

We know that this blog has been pretty weighed down with posts about nail polish and our nails, however we started this as a lifestyle blog.  The nail stuff has just been our obsession lately.  So today, I have something of a little different pace for you all!

There is something that makes me weak in the knees that I, oddly enough, don't really discuss much here yet.  I have a passion for food!  Some people look at the word "foodie" with bad connotations, so I don't always like to use it, but I'm not sure of any better word.  I have this major passion for foods, trying new dishes and types of cuisine, learning about chefs and restaurants, etc.  I'm deeply interested on where my food comes from (this part sorta crosses lines with being kind of a hippy, too).  I make a lot of our food, from scratch, at home and I can and preserve a lot of our food in the summer months.  I really wish I could be a part of an artisan food company.  Ah!  That sounds like the best job ever!... Also, I just love to hear about others doing great things, with great ingredients.  So without further adieu, today I'm bringing you just that:  With Love, From Brooklyn.

I'm signed up for the email list for a fashion and beauty site called Refinery29.  From time to time, I get these different emails from them (they're probably on an actual schedule, but I haven't paid that close attention).  They are special offers for different sites on great fashion and beauty products, sorta like a trendy version of Groupon.  A couple weeks ago, I got one that included a deal for a box of goodies from a new company called With Love, From Brooklyn.  Their website gives the description "Curated gift selections by Brooklyn artisans".  It is a collaborative effort between a group of artisans and other art professionals.  Basically, they collect different food items from local Brooklyn artisan companies and group them into cute boxes, each one having a theme (for example: the tea box includes tea, jam, shortbread cookies, and a screen-printed tea towel all hand-made in Brooklyn).  For this particular deal I snagged, With Love, From Brooklyn created an exclusive box just for Refinery29.  This one included chocolates and other sweets, all packaged up in a little box like a fancy present!  It definitely did not disappoint!  I've sampled everything and just about finished off some things in the week and a half it's been in the house.  This is what I got:

Whimsy&Spice Brooklyn Confectioners is a husband and wife team, combining Mark's experience as a pastry chef and Jenna's expertise as a director and designer.  Their line consists of biscotti, shortbread, cookies, brownies, and marshmallows all in unexpected, interesting flavor combinations.  I love really different stuff like this, and all their flavors I drool over just reading about.  I've followed Jenna's blog Sweet Fine Day for awhile now, and I've been wanting to make a purchase.  Some how this is the first time I've tried one of their items.  The rose and vanilla marshmallows were such a great surprise!  I normally don't go for floral flavors, but this was delicious and balanced and wonderful!

Fatty Crab is a collective of restaurants in the "pursuit of flavor":  The Fatty Crab (Southeast Asian influence), The Fatty 'Cue (barbecue and classic Southern cooking), and The Fatty Snack (smaller scale walk-up locations).  I've never been to any of their locations in New York.  However if they're anything like the website, I'd say they provide a very fun and bold atmosphere.  This milk chocolate bar had puffed rice, toasted rice, and candied ginger.  I LOVE GINGER!

BrooklynHardCandy, as the names implies, makes old-fashioned style hard candies that come in the cutest glass, apothecary-style bottles with cork stoppers.  However, it must be said that these are no standard-run-of-the-mill hard candies.  Their flavors are so wonderfully divine and deep and awesome, in that way that only pure, unadulterated flavor can be!  I received Concord Grape in this sampler box.  So good that I cannot wait to have the funds to buy the collection set that includes all the flavors.  This is one treat that my boyfriend keeps sneaking.

Liddabit Sweets is a chocolatier and candy maker who focuses on using seasonal ingredients (Trying to live seasonally just makes sense to me, so I appreciate this aspect).  Also, these girls support local producers and growers by using their products to make their candies.  Supporting local communities is big with me and something I definitely admire and support in any business!  On top of all that, their sea-salt caramels that I got were seriously phenomenal!  And I'm totally bummed because my boyfriend loved them too and kept eating them.

Nunu Chocolates has a pretty cool concept for their shop.  First off, their cocoa beans are single-origin, sourced from a sustainable and family-run farm.  This is awesome.  The cool thing about their shop is that their kitchen opens to a coffee/craft beer/wine bar.  So that means people can come relax and have a beverage, while watching the chocolate-making happen.  Now, my passion for foods/sweets also extends to coffee, wine, and beer.  It's a little weird how bad I can nerd-out about these things.  I am definitely putting this on my lists of places to go when I make a trip to NYC someday.  Last but not least, the dark chocolate lollipop was divine (dark chocolate is my favorite and most preferred chocolate).  After that sample and a peruse of their online shop, I can't wait 'til I get my hands on some of their ganaches.

Everything in this box was so delicious!  I am so impressed with all the treats I got that I am planning on placing an order with each company over the next several weeks, as paydays come up.  So check back because I'll do a review of the deliciousness as I get it.

Also, I worry a lot about eating overly processed foods.  I'm a very adamant quality-over-quantity girl!  Good ingredients (whether in beauty products or food) are important.  So we try to eat as healthy and naturally as possible, including as many whole foods as possible.  But, I will NEVER kick this sweet tooth I have!  It's really cool to know I'm smashing on quality sweets made with simple ingredient lists of pronounce-able ingredients.


 Has anybody tried any of these companies?  Got any good ones to recommend?


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome write up of our Brooklyn Sweet Tooth partnership with R29. So happy you liked it!!!!

    1. Hey there! Thank you for the treats!! I loved it!

      Stuff like this and companies like these, sadly, don't really exist where we're from yet. So it was fun to have the opportunity to order one of your boxes!

      Can't wait to order another :)


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