Monday, March 12, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 9 Rainbow

Day 9 Rainbow!

Hello to everyone!  Monday morning, back to the grind.  We hope everyone is adjusting to the time change ok.  We're still having a little trouble with it, although that extra sunlight in the evenings from now on will be nice!

Since it's been a full week since the last nail challenge post, we're catching up with day 9, which is rainbow.  Hope you enjoy what we've done!  Just as a reminder again, we're not sticking to the challenge as strictly as you're supposed to.  We are working our way through it, using the days as inspiration for some nail art.

K's Nails

I had about a million ideas for rainbow nails.  Some of them would overlap with other challenges (i.e. Polka dots).  So I decided to try something different.  I have developed a sick obsession with WAH Nails.   I can't wait to get the book of nail art, and I'm considering ordering it from the UK Amazon just to get it sooner.  I recently saw this design and I needed to have it GAH.  Mine obviously doesn't look as good as that but it'll have to do.  For the colors (ready....) I used: Zoya Pippa, Essie Lollipop, Zoya Jancyn, Orly Charged Up, Essie Mesmerize, Essie Pretty Edgy and Essie Blanc (my new white).  I've been craving crazy nails for a while, which could be an explanation for my booorringgg metallic nails.

J's Nails

Ok, so K's nails turned out soo sweet.  Like, seriously, so sweet on her hands!  So I totally understand if you all are bored by mine.  :)

I thought I'd try out the colored french tip over top of a bare nail again since I liked it so much for this challenge.  I may be mistaken, but I believe it's referred to as skittles when you have something different on each nail.  That is exactly what this looks like.  I just freehanded the tips.  The first swipe I did lower with lighter shades of each color, and then followed up with a thinner strip of the darker shade of each respective color.  Of course, as always, I used Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat and topped everything with Butter London Hardwear P. D. Quick Topcoat.  The colors are as follows:

Red thumbs - Essie Lollipop, OPI Vodka and Caviar
Orange index fingers - Zoya Jancyn, Essie Orange, It's Obvious!
Yellow middle fingers - Julep Blake, Zoya Pippa
Green ring fingers - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Wasabi, Essie Pretty Edgy
Blue pinkies - Julep Taylor, Essie Mesmerize

I really wish humans had six fingers per hand so that I could've completed the basic colors with purple. Is that weird?  Anyways... I had a lot more fun with this challenge than the last.  The colors kept catching my attention out of the corners of my eyes.  It felt like I had crayon wrappers on the edge of my fingers, or like I was finger painting and didn't wash my hands.

As a sidenote, I've since taken this polish off and the cotton pads looked so cool afterwards.  Like little color wheels or some sort of water color painting.  So I had to share.
(Mine looked really cool too!  I should have taken a picture to share with you guys!  Like water marbling it was pretty for a cotton ball! -K) 

This one was such a colorful challenge that really could've been taken in any direction!  Has anyone else done this?  I'm really curious to see what you've done.

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