Thursday, March 15, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 10 Gradient


We did our nails separately this time around, and ended up with two totally different gradients.  So today we are sharing one glitter gradient and one color gradient for this Nail Challenge.

K's Nails

For my gradient, I used a few of my new polishes from my recent haul.  I used China Glaze Sun Worshipper, Nails Inc. Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat, and OPI Save Me.  When people say neons are hard to photograph, they're right.  It honestly looks a lot cooler in person.  However, it's giving me some serious flashbacks of my Junior year prom dress.  Neons were in that year, and I wore a neon orange while three of my friends wore neon blue, green, and pink.  We were seriously hot and tanned hah!  It's probably because of that, that I won't be keeping this on very long.  Nostalgic as it is, the neon is a little bright by itself!  Also, I'm super excited about Nails Inc. Electric Lane.  It was a bit pricey at $16 but now I CAN MAKE ANYTHING HOLOGRAPHIC!  To do this gradient, I just used a cut off piece of a makeup sponge.  Easy peasy. 

J's Nails

Around the holidays, I tried out the glitter gradient over a bare nail.  As much as I love that look of something decorative over a bare nail, I just really wasn't into it at all.  And, I haven't attempted any type of gradient since.  K always pulls the gradient glitter over nail polish really well.  Maybe a month ago or more, she gave me a couple of the makeup sponges that she uses for her gradients so I could try it out again.  Just so ya know:  they're those cheaper makeup sponges in a big bag you can get at any big box store or drugstore.  Nothing fancy.

So now that the gradient challenge is up, I thought I'd give it another try.  This time I thought I'd try to fade the polish from one color to another.  I picked four colors that I thought flowed from one to another:  teal (China Glaze Flyin' High), blue (Butter London Blagger), indigo (Julep Taylor), and purple (Ulta Celebutante).  I started by painting my nails with one coat of the China Glaze Flyin' High. Next, I cut off a piece of sponge, painted the Butter London Blagger right onto the sponge, and started applying to my nail.  I tried to just lightly sponge it on, focusing on the tips of my nails upward to give a faded look.  I just repeated the same thing with each color, giving the layers a bit of dry time between.  Then, as an accent, I dabbed on a little Pretty and Polished Pinkie Pie to the very tips of my ring fingers.

I am a little torn on if this is a fail or a success.  On one hand, I really loved this mani.  I like the colors, the effect, trying something different out, all of it.  I thought the colors reminded me of the end of a sunset just before the sky fades to all black.  My boyfriend said he loved this too and that it reminded him of the ocean, how the color fades darker as it gets deeper.  Cheesy, I know!  But such a beautiful color combo!  On the other hand, I have to hold my hands out a little bit to see a gradient effect.  If I'm looking too closely, I can see each layer of the colors too distinctly to call it a smooth gradient.  Close up, it seems more like a watercolor or tie-dye effect.  Still cool though!

What do you guys think?  Has anyone else tried the sponge technique?  How'd yours come out?

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