Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello everyone!  

This is our first post.  As you can see in our "about us", we're two sisters obsessed with a variety of things.  The two of us together...can be a little weird.  And when we say "little", we mean a lot.  We bring out the wacky in each other and are always goofing off together.  

We've created this blog to share with you guys and to dive deeper into those obsessions.  Some of the stuff we'll be sharing covers K's nail polish obsession, how that's morphing into J's nail polish obsession, some random cooking projects, home decor, and other girly stuff...basically whatever is currently holding our interest.  We hope you'll be sticking around to share with us!

We definitely aren't experts at any of this.  We just thought it'd be fun to do and learn as we go.  We want to keep this space open to conversation.  So any tips you have are much appreciated and welcomed.

See you all soon!  More posts to come...

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  1. They get the "weird" from their Father! But it's all good.....


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