Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Today K and I have Valentine's manis for you.  We got together last night for a nail-painting session at K's house after looking up some inspiration out there.  Here's what we did:

J's Nails

So I follow a site called Refinery29.  They have posts about fashion and beauty stuff mostly.  That's where I saw this tutorial.  I really liked it and thought it was simple enough.  And I figured I could borrow K's new tools to do the hearts.

I used Butter London Saucy Jack for the red and China Glaze White on White for the hearts.  I did a bigger heart in the middle of my nail and two smaller ones on either side of it a little closer to my tip.  I opted not to drag out the points of the hearts though, like in the tutorial.  I really need to work on my nail art skills.  When it comes to the fancy stuff, I'm definitely lacking in ability.  So I worried that if I started to try to do more that they'd just get messed up.  So I left them because I thought the hearts looked really cute, as is.

K's Nails

I got my idea from Fuck Yeah Nail Art.  Its perfect for finding ideas for nails.  I was on it all weekend.  I used Essie Sand Tropez and Essie Mod Squad.  The black lines are my Sinful Colors striper.  I was really debating between two designs, so honestly I might do the other one later today! I was originally going to go all crazy for Valentine's but I saw all of these cute delicate designs, I'm hooked.

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