Monday, February 20, 2012

Reason Why I'm Kind of a Hippy # 1: Organic Essence

So one thing you may not know about me yet:
Despite my nail polish addiction (btw 3-Free and Cruelty-Free, please!), I'm actually kinda a hippy.  I'm into all-natural, whole foods (organic, if possible), natural beauty products, household cleaning products, whatever, all of it.  We recycle.  I try to buy in bulk, when possible.  I have reusable everything, basically.  I'm definitely not the Green-est human or the most socially-environmentally-responsible buyer out there.  But I definitely try to be conscious of what I'm bringing into my home/body/environment.

Having said that, I just got a great new product I'd like to share with you!
I am on the email list of a store I buy green stuff from occasionally, Green Home.  They've got all kinds of stuff:  bath products, baby products, clothes, office supplies, air filters, composting equipment, etc.  This week, I got an email that they were offering a tube of Organic Essence Organic Lip Balm free with the purchase of the Organic Shea Cream.  I bought the lip balm once before in the Almond flavor and I loved it!  And I've seen the shea cream on the site before and always wanted to try it.  So when this deal showed up in my inbox, I had to go for it.

The cool thing about these products is that they come in completely sustainably-derived and biodegradable packaging!  It's kind of a paperboard material in a tube and tub shape that is filled with their wonderful ingredients!

Both products are certified organic and fairly traded, so you can feel confident that they are good for you and for those who are producing the ingredients.  The lip balm feels nice on and is very moisturizing.  Their flavors are great and taste real, not super sweet or artificial.  Now that I've been eating and using all-natural stuff for a few years, that "artificial" quality is really noticeable, whether it is a flavor or scent, and can get to me at times.

And the shea cream is awesome!  I've never used shea before so I wasn't sure how it'd feel on my skin.  It is a thicker cream and is solid at room temperature, but this doesn't feel greasy on my skin. I even used this on my face without any bad effects.  All the scents sounded great and I was torn on which to buy.  I ended up ordering the grapefruit one because the site said "Organic Grapefruit is well known to be an anti-aging skin detoxifier.  Like most citrus aromas, the fragrance makes a feeling of euphoria and is most useful for its invigorating tonic purposes."  That sounded like a good tie breaker to me.  Even though this is so thick and solid, it spreads and smooths onto my skin really nicely when it's warmed by body heat, and a little goes a long way!  It's a little pricey.  But I think it's worth the money knowing it'll stretch and that it's good for my skin.

Has anyone tried this before?  Anyone have any other great natural skin products?

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