Friday, February 10, 2012


Good morning everyone!

So this morning I thought I'd share a household update with you.  Actually my boyfriend and I just bought our first house this past summer.  It's been really exciting and really scary at the same time.  When we were still living in the apartment, I think we had it stocked and decorated really well.  But now that we're in the house, there's more space and different spaces and color schemes to work with.  It's been fun to think about how we want a certain room to be.  However, it can be a little overwhelming at times when I think how we have complete control and can take our decor in any direction we want.

Currently, my main focus is the kitchen.  I actually like to do a lot of cooking.  K and I grew up in a family that centered around food, and we have a lot of really great memories and family traditions that center around food.  So because of my family background, I'm very into cooking, canning and meals, etc. Not having my kitchen up to par and in perfect working order is killing me!

One thing on our list is new plates.  I've been obsessing over modern white plates.  I have this thing for modern decor in general, ob-sessed.  I found a set on Amazon my boyfriend and I really liked, but sadly they only had one set of four place settings in stock.  Also, each setting came with a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and coffee cup.  The thing was:  we do NOT need any more coffee cups.  That's another thing I tend to get obsessed with.  I'm really addicted to coffee and love the whole coffee culture.  Because of that, I'm drawn toward mugs.  So, no more of those, please.  Besides, if I'm investing in new plates, I'm gonna need eight place settings, as that's how many I can fit around my table.  ....Gotta be prepared for maximum occupancy for any dinner parties that may arise.

So, I kept looking.  Ikea was a factor.  That's where our current plates are from.  The only thing with that is I can't order them online and I have to drive about an hour to get to the nearest store.  It just hasn't been feasible and I wasn't totally dying for their options anyways.

Then, we had dinner with a family we are friends with.  As soon as she pulled out the plates, I recognized them as the set from Amazon.  When I asked, she told me they were from Macy's, and she got them on sale!...  I don't know why I didn't just drive over to our local store.  But I got on their website.  At the time Macy's was having a sale on their kitchen and dining stuff, and I caught them when there was an extra 15% off everything sale.  So I was able to snag up eight dinner plates, eight salad plates, and eight bowls (no mugs) for cheaper per piece than the set I saw on Amazon.  Total Score!!  ...Unfortunately, my bowls are on back order and will be here sometime a MONTH from now.  But, whatever, I got my deal!  I love a good deal.

These are the dinner and salad plates I got.  The line is called Stakk.  Obviously, they are meant to be stackable.   I think they look nice and clean and modern and I love them!  I took pictures side-by-side to show the sizes.  The dinner plate is 10.5" and the salad plate is 8.5".

Every step toward getting this house put together just makes me want to do more.  I can't wait to get this kitchen done.

Has anyone else got kitchenware shopping?  Anyone else doing any redecorating?  Anyone else buy a home recently?

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