Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My bowls have arrived!

So last week, I showed you my new Stakks plates that I got...

Well, this week, the bowls that were backordered showed up!  Ahead of schedule!  They were supposed to be 31 business days backordered, which would put them like a month and a half away.  So it was such a great surprise to see them so soon.  I love them!  We got a set of eight, just like the plates.  Their style matches the plates, and they are also stackable.  I don't know their diameter because I threw the packaging out already and I am The Worst when it comes to estimating anything!  But they are perfect for cereal, soup, chili, etc.  My boyfriend and I test drove them with some soup for dinner the night they arrived.  Seriously, perfect size and shape.

My only point of doubt is that the bowls aren't the best shape for pasta.  We eat a good deal of pasta dishes and have these nice bowls that are wide and low for those meals.  The new bowls are clearly the opposite shape.  I dunno...we'll see how it goes.  I have a feeling that I'll be on the hunt for a bowl that can mesh well with the clean, white, modern-ness of this line but that is more of a wider, pasta bowl.  We'll see...

- J

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