Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brand New Shoes

So, I totally splurged on myself and bought these about a week ago.  Once I saw them, I knew immediately had to have them!
The lips make them have a little but of a pop culture feel to them.  I got them off of Modcloth.  I just happened to get the last in my size so they are selling out! (Sorry sizes 6.5 out there!)  If you want them get on 'em!  Modcloth also has a ton of other things that are great.  I wish I could win the lottery and buy the entire stock of dresses they have!
They are super high.  I don't recommend them to heel beginners. I think they're gonna look good with some jean shorts and a white button down in the summer.  I just wish this Ohio weather would give!
Thanks for stopping by again!

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