Thursday, February 9, 2012


So these are a few of the books I'm into right now.  Most of these I read during the past summer, though some more recent.  I have this thing with series...I love them!  So lets go through them...

Valley of the Dolls: An oldie, but goodie.  A story of three separate women in New York popping pills and dealing with life's major ups and downs. By Jacqueline Susan.

White Girl Problems: I picked this up on a whim and I'm so glad I did. High-larious. Bottom line: this book is seriously funny.  There are some parts involving her maid where I almost peed my pants.  By Babe Walker

Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me: I've read all of her books and they leave me cracking up each time.  This is her latest book and its written by friends, family and coworkers of Chelsea.  If you've read any of her books or watch her show, you know she is constantly messing with everyone around her.  This book is a compilation of those stories.  By Chelsea Handler, friends, family and 'other victims'.

Invisible Monsters:  This book is one of my favorites.  I read it for the first time almost three years ago now and probably reread it twice a year.  I'd hate to dive too much into the story line of this book because I'm afraid I'll give something away.  The hidden meanings in this book are also deep.  By Chuck Palahniuk (He wrote Fight Club as well to ring some bells)

1984: A classic. This book is timeless.  It follows a man during a Utopian society.  The fear of Big Brother really takes you during this book.  I kicked myself for waiting this long to read it! I'm sure many of you have read it, if you haven't- do so.  By George Orwell

The Virgin Suicides: Seriously, it must have been my summer to read about dysfunctional women.  This book gave me chills with each page.  It follows a family of 5 sisters, beginning with the suicide of the youngest.  Not a happy ending if your looking for one, but good any ways.  I believe this to be a classic too.  I'm dying to see the movie, but gone are the days of rental stores so I'll have to get it off of Amazon. By Jeffrey Eugenides

I Am Number Four: OK, one of the series that is my guilty pleasure.  I know it targets a younger teen group, but I love it!  Aliens disguised as humans? OK! Love and teen angst? OK! Good overcoming Evil? OK! Supernatural Powers?  You had me at aliens.  By Pittacus Lore

Your Voice in My Head: A memoir of the best kind.  Emma Forrest is one of my favorite writers.  Her stuff is beautiful. I love it.  This book had me crying.  I love any book that can bring that strong of an emotion out of me.  By Emma Forrest

Dead Until Dark: Are you on the vampire wagon? If not, it's a little late.  This is the book series that the HBO hit True Blood is based off of. (Another one of my favorites) It follows the telepathic waitress Sookie as the vampires come into the light (obviously not really..they'd burn!....Sorry so lame.)  I also love anything Supernatural so these books are right up my alley.  By Charlaine Harris

Wicked:  The story of Dorothy by the Wicked Witch's point of view.  I didn't think I'd like this book as much as I did.  There's way more to the story line with political, religious and prejudice views that I really enjoyed.  By Gregory Maguire

Lolita: I have yet to finish this one.  Its slow to begin with and something about the whole pedophile thing creeps me out a little.  Its good though and its a classic. Get on it!  By Vladamir Nabokov

The Hunger Games Trilogy: I'm obsessed.  I read the whole trilogy three times in a row I loved it so much.  I would recommend this book up and down.  Not just for your teenage girl.  Seriously it appeals to all audiences.  My little brother even read it and enjoyed it (That's really saying something, the only thing he reads are his text messages. Love You!)  Another set in the future after a major world changing apocalypse type.  By Suzanne Collins
PS.  Have you guys seen the China Glaze Capitol Colors?? Me and J already have ours preordered and I CANNOT wait!

I know some of these are on the girlie side.  I don't care.  I love them all and I wanted to share them with you.  Some books are for knowledge and some are for entertainment.  I lean more towards the entertainment kind.  Pick some of them up!

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