Wednesday, February 29, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 7 Black and White

On with the challenge!(pirates voice please.)

We're finally out of just colors and getting into some art! (Sort of!)

Also, just as a reminder:  We're not doing the challenge as strict as it's supposed to be done.  Obviously, we're not painting everyday.  We were feeling a little uninspired after all the excitement and inspiration for holiday-themed nails.  So the challenge is serving as our inspiration for when we change our polish.  Every once and a while, we'll be trying out something random.  But, for the most part, we're keeping with the schedule of the Challenge.

Today is Black and White

K's Nails

I had so many ideas for black and white, but a few coincided with later challenges.  So I picked something I haven't tried:  Checker board.  For the white I used China Glaze White on White.  I have the worst luck with white nail polish.  Before my China Glaze, I had OPI Alpine Snow.  EVERY single white I have gets disgustingly thick.  Like unmanageable.  I'm cursing the whole time while painting.  Actually, my boyfriend had to stop me to say "Babe, don't get mad at your nail polish".   It was sweet of him but didn't make me any less frustrated.  I did two coats of white then added Seche Vite just so I could move my hands this week. I let that dry fully overnight and did the black the next day.  I used smaller tape strips to block off the white parts.  It ended up looking really cool. But not worth the white headache.  I even added nail polish thinner and it did nothing! I might try an Essie white? See if it'll stay thin? Gah.  I Also had some issues of streaking when I put my top coat on the black.  Its not too bad though!  For the black I used Essie Licorice. 

P.S.  I'm also slightly stained white around the cuticles. It won't come off sorry.

J's Nails

For the black and white challenge, I thought I'd give another trend I've been seeing a try.  This one is that trend of doing a design on top of a bare nail, instead of a base polish color, so that the bare nail pops out around your design.  I really like the look of it.  It's really cool and modern looking.  So instead of a completely bare nail, I did start with my favorite basecoat, which is Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat.  This stuff is amazing.  I'm not going to elaborate about it here because I'm planning on a separate Butter London review post.  So check back for that one.  But, seriously, I love this stuff.  Then, I did a french tip with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Dangerous.  This polish is a great one coater and a true grey.  I don't mind freehanding a french tip, but I really wanted it to look perfect because I thought it might be noticeable over that bare nail.  So I used some of those french tip sticker guides.  I love the look of doing a "funky french" with different colors (not a traditional french manicure).  So I really looved the look this had.  Doing the grey tip over the bare nail just made it feel really modern.  Actually, I ended up having a pretty busy weekend and didn't have time to do my whole black and white plan in one go.  So this stayed on my nails a full day before I got to do the design on top.  In that time, I decided I loved it so much that I will definitely be repeating it.  This mani just was so simple but had a great effect.  I know it's not for everyone (for example, my mom wasn't super crazy about this one), but it was totally up my alley.

The next morning, I added the polka dots.  I wanted the strip of dots to be part on the bare nail and part on the grey tip.  So I used my dotting tool and just sorta dotted the polish on randomly along the area I wanted the them to be.  I don't have my own black and white polishes, so I borrowed K's.  This is Essie Licorice and China Glaze White on White.  I did the black first and the white on top.  For some reason, some dots came out larger and some smaller, which just kinda added to the overall effect.  I am really loving this mani.  I'll definitely be repeating this trend.  My boyfriend even commented how cool it looks.
I wouldn't mind trying this same look with different colors.  But, I'm excited to give different designs over my bare nail a try, too.

Anyone else try this out yet?  Anyone giving any other new trends a try?  I wanna hear how it turned out for you.

Also, anyone have the same problem as K with opaque white polishes?  Is it just their formula or are we cursed with our opaque whites?   


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    1. Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you! That is so awesome! We started this blog thinking it'd be something fun for us to do together, and we are still blown away and totally honored that you are following us and that we've got people that check out the blog day to day.

      -J and K


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