Thursday, February 23, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 6 Violet

This is the last day in the Challenge for colors.  Today is Violet!

J's Nails

So for today's violet nails, I chose to use one of my A England polishes.  Just after Christmas, K and I put in our first order to A England, and I got Avalon.  This polish is soo awesome!  I have read nothing but great reviews for A England polishes and the company overall.  In my experience of all three bottles I own, everything they say is true.  These polishes are such a dream to work with.  They go on smooth so they look pristine.  Also, they are so highly pigmented that you can totally get away with one thick coat if you wanted to.  Personally, I prefer two normal coats of every polish that I put on and that is what I'm showing today.
Avalon is an amazing electrified purple.  It was a little difficult to capture this one's color just right.  I tried to get this in different lights to show you.  If you look really close in bright sunlight, you can actually see micro shimmer bits of pink and blue.  Normally, these aren't noticeable and just lend the polish incredible depth.  But I guess that explains why sometimes, in certain lights, I feel this polish is a bluer purple or a reddish purple.

On a whim, I decided to put a couple polka dots on my ring finger as an accent just to give this mani a little something extra.  After K was telling me how much she liked her new dotting tools, I had to order myself a set.  The UPS guy dropped them off the same day I did my these nails.  I was dying to give them a try and just went with a couple simple dots, but I really love what it added.  This was a really fun one to wear.  I've done a lot of my manis for the challenge with lighter or brighter shades when all I've felt like wearing is darker tones to reflect the season.  So for the violet nails, it was really nice returning to a darker color.

K's Nails

For my violet nails I used Essie Play Date and Orly Galaxy Girl.  Galaxy Girl was a little hard to work with for this design.  Its a deep purple jelly with blue glitters throughout it.  Because of it being a jelly polish, I had problems getting it opaque enough.  Also I had the biggest issue trying to photograph it too.  None of my pictures are doing it justice.  Despite my issues applying it, its a gorgeous polish.  I had been lusting after it ever since J picked it up during one of our Ulta splurges.  She ended up just giving me her bottle. (What a great sister!)  I loved it even more when I paired it with Essie Play Date.  Play Date is also really pretty on it's own.  A nice cream violet. 

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