Friday, February 17, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 4 Green

OK, continuing with the nail challenge...its Day 4 Green!

J's Nails

So for my nails I just had to test out a super cool new polish that came in today's mail.  K and I put in an order for a few Lynnderella polishes from Llarowe's site, and they've finally arrived today.  You can be jealous.  They're pretty sweet....  Green is one of my favorite colors, so I was pumped to test out my new bottle of Lynnderella Funny Money for the Green Challenge.  First, I painted my nails with Butter London British Racing Green.  It's a really dark green with just the tiniest hint of shimmer that comes out in bright light but adds great depth any other time.  These pictures make it look like a blackened green, but it's really not quite that dark.  Then I layered two coats of Funny Money on top of my ring finger for an accent nail.  I use my regular Butter London Base and Top Coats for my nails.  But, for really chunky glitters like the Lynnderellas, I use an uber thick coat of Seche Vite and they're totally smooth.

I'm really loving this return to a nice dark color.  These are the types of shades I'm craving right now.  Even though it's been a mild winter, it's definitely still winter in Ohio and I need my winter shades.  Funny Money adds that perfect addition to give it a little something extra.  I can't even begin to describe this because it is so solidly packed with tons of different sizes, shapes, and colors of glitter.  It is so awesome and I'm so glad I spent my money on this one.... no pun intended.

K's Nails

For my nails I used A England Dragon.  This is part of the new The Legend collection. All of the polishes in the new collection are AMAZING.  J ordered St. George and Ascalon while I picked up Dragon and Order of the Garter.  I also have Lady of the Lake by A England from the Mythicals collection. My favorite part about these polishes is that I first thought they would be "hungry" polishes.  A lot of the the other holographic ones I own are that way.  (Where no amount of top coat can smooth them over) But these polishes are so smooth...its so lovely! Throughout this challenge Ive been practicing my nail art but I couldn't bring myself to change Dragon.  Not yet anyway, its so beautiful by itself.  It shines so many colors and I wish my camera picked that up more.

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