Wednesday, February 15, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 3 Yellow

The next day in the Nail Challenge is... Yellow!

Here's what we did:

K's Nails

For my yellow nails I used Zoya Pippa and China Glaze In the Limelight.  I'm embarrassed to say that both of these colors have been in my stash without me ever having used them for a while.  Sad.  Though once we started with the Challenge, I knew Pippa was the yellow I was going to use for Day 3. Sometimes, however, I have problems with Zoya.  All the Zoya polishes I own seem to thicken after I do one hand?  Pippa was definitely on the thick side.  I had so much trouble doing my second coat its a miracle they look as nice as they do.  I've been dying to try the "slime" nails for a long time.  It just so happened that the day I did my yellow nails my dotting tools came in the mail! So voila! Slime nails! I can't wait to use my dotting tools more.  I've already been scheming up ideas. 
J's Nails

So for the Yellow Challenge, I pulled out a color I haven't used before either.  I used the color Blake from our first Julep Maven box order (more on these to come another day).  Actually, I think this one came in K's box, but she passed it to me because she's got a few yellows and this would be my first.  I've tried two other Julep colors and never had a problem.  But with Blake, the formula was weird: thick but on the sheer side.  It would've been best if I could apply three thin coats of this one (even though I really prefer to do two coats and be done), but the polish was so thick I just couldn't bare another coat of this.  The color is nice though, once on.  This particular shade will be perfect once we're a little further into Spring.

Then I wanted to add a stripe or something to make it a little fancier for the Challenge.  So I brainstormed with K and decided to do a chevron type of pattern with Butter London Diamond Geezer.  I cannot talk enough good about Butter London polishes.  Seriously, I'm obsessed.  It's bad.  Especially because I really don't make the type of money to buy stuff at this price point all the time.  But I'm more of a Quality over Quantity type of girl, so it gets justified.  Eventually, I'll just do a review post for Butter London.

For my chevron design, I used pinking shears to cut the tape to make the zig zag stripe.  Although this didn't come out quite how I was hoping, I still like it.  I need to work on my chevrons.  I'm totally loving them right now and would like to have some good ones on my nails.

Does anyone have any good tips for chevron nails??  Anyone get new tools lately?  I'm ordering my set of dotting tools since K likes hers so much.


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